Boardroom team dynamics

A suite of tailor-made sessions to help make your board as effective as possible

Are your top team working together as a well-oiled machine? Or are there some dynamics playing out that are getting in the way of delivering your best work? Is this hampering your effectiveness or prejudicing your results?

Top teams aren’t machines and certain human behaviours within the boardroom can cause team and organisation-wide issues. The structured approach outlined here follows a tried-and-tested formula to help you resolve these team dynamic issues and to help channel the tensions that might currently exist within the team into a more constructive force for positive change, greater boardroom effectiveness and enhanced business results.

Learning objectives

Our team will help unearth the personal dynamics in play within your team to allow you all to work at your most effective. You will see relationships improve, communication and collaboration develop and team effectiveness rise in these workshops sessions, designed to help you explore how you work together collectively and how you can be more effective.

Who should attend?

Board members and CEOs who want to make a difference to their business and their top team’s effectiveness, focus on mission and their internal and external relationships. It’s essential that the entire team takes part.


As outlined in more detail below, it’s usually a four-stage process.

  • Consultant/facilitator to meet CEO to explore issues.
  • Consultant to meet team members individually.
  • Consultant to design and facilitate a number of workshop sessions (usually at least two half-days)
  • Consultant to have final meeting with CEO to review outcomes and suggest how to maintain momentum.

The group will include all Board members and the CEO. The number of half-day workshops required is decided upon in consultation with the CEO.

Is this the right programme for you?

Are you and your team ready for change? Do you want to see tangible improvements in the way you are operating together. Are you a Board or also a team? If you want to create better working relationships and team working in your Board, this is the programme for you.

Meet the consultant / facilitator

Clare is a highly qualified, experienced and effective coach and organisational change and OD consultant, specialising in team dynamics.


Less of an agenda, more an outline of the approach. Purely indicative – a starting point for a conversation with you. Clare would be happy to tailor it to your precise requirements.

Stage 1

The first step of this programme is for our consultant to meet with you, the CEO, to learn more about the dynamics you are seeing playing out in your team. These may include themes such as political behaviour, competitiveness, a lack of communication, balls dropped, overwhelm, anxiety, a lack of motivation or performance, fear of speaking up or over-speaking.

Stage 2

We then meet each member of your team to build a relationship with them and to further understand the issues at play from their perspective, and contract to undertake a series of workshop sessions with them and you.

Stage 3

The number of session may differ depending on the dynamics at play. We usually suggest a minimum of two half-day workshops which would be designed specifically for you and would be tailored entirely around your team’s personalities and specific dynamics.

The workshop approach blends team coaching with process consultancy. The structure uses the Hawkins CLEAR model, key features of which are:

  • Building trust and safety
  • Mission clarity and commitment
  • Noticing what’s happening in the team
  • Exploring the causes of the issues together through team coaching
  • Understanding the impact in the team, outside of it both internal and external
  • Generating ideas for change
  • Galvanising ideas to action
  • Building on energy for action and commitment

Workshops are facilitated in a safe and contained way by highly skilled and experienced practitioners, that make these potentially difficult conversations possible. The issues at play are approached in a positive, professional and appropriately sensitive way. The approach uses the team’s energy to build momentum for change and reflective learning practices to generate new insight.

Stage 4

At the end of the series of workshops we conduct a final meeting with you, the CEO, to reflect upon learning from the group work, what changes we are noticing, and what you may take forward to continue momentum in the right direction for greater collective performance.

For a no-obligation discussion about running something along these lines for your organisation, just give us a call on 01582 463465.