Mentoring for directors

To be a ‘mentor’ requires a combination of gravitas, experience, emotional intelligence and humility.

The word ‘mentor’ is often defined as ‘a trusted counsellor or guide’ and this epitomises the need and the process. The purpose of mentoring is for one person to help another to build a confidence and understanding in themselves and in the role that is being expected of them within a particular context.

Mentoring can be pre-emptive, helping to prepare a person for a new role or challenge, or it can help a person build or rebuild their confidence, knowledge and abilities within the existing or changing requirements of their current role.

Mentoring only works through finding the optimal person-to-person alignment; there has to be a mutual trust, confidence and confidentiality.

Our range of professional associates, with differing backgrounds, experience and abilities enables us to help you find an appropriate mentor for your requirement.

Outline needs and expectations can be discussed on the phone, but the first meeting between the proposed mentor (one of our associates) and the mentee will determine whether the relationship and expectations will work.


Examples of mentoring assignments undertaken by our associates

  • A newly appointed managing director of an intellectual property company who had a high intellect but difficulty using this in a collaborative manner.
  • A finance director, qualified, clever, bright and personable but appointed to a level of seniority and corporate expectation beyond their experience – having to operate within a board of more experienced and demanding directors.
  • A logistics director in a large multinational food company, appointed for their logistics experience within the British Army, but finding the ‘civvy street’ culture of lack of respect for ‘command’ an interesting challenge.
  • A health and safety manager who was introduced to the mentor as ‘a bit of a rough diamond who needs smoother edges’!

Our lead mentors include Alastair and Paul in the private sector, Amanda in the VCSE and public sectors, and David in Europe. To talk through what they could do for you – and, if you wish, to make sure that you’re clear about the huge difference between mentoring and coaching – please just give us a call on 01582 463465.