Samantha Griffiths

Sam is a highly experienced consultant and trainer in corporate governance and the role of the company director. Sam has worked alongside numerous organisations – large and small, old and new, loved and unloved – assisting board directors and senior management teams to identify, reach out and articulate core strengths and intrinsic value to key stakeholders.

She assists clients at Board level to communicate their investor appeal and navigate the narrative (including governance) reporting landscape. Building upon her extensive experience of narrative reporting and investor relations, she is currently working with a number of listed companies on the FRC Lab’s Business Model reporting initiative.

Over the years Sam has undertaken board evaluations, key messaging sessions with senior executives, governance reviews, gap analysis and best practice benchmarking and investor perception studies. Clients have included NTT, Poundland, St Modwen, Bank of England, Hill & Smith, Premier Foods, United Utilities, Ocado & Dragon Oil, Beauhurst, Brooks MacDonald, Heber Ltd, Great British Prawns,  Sigma Sports, Bradshaw Taylor, Transmission Investment, The British Mountaineering Council, Daventry District Council, Ipserv, Ipswich BC, Shared Service Architects, Vistra (Jersey) Ltd, etc, etc.

Sam’s early career in finance and treasury broadened to include commercial research, communications, business-to-business marketing and investor relationship management. Over the last 25 years she has held director and company secretary positions with a number of diverse organisations, including the subsidiary of a large multinational involved in the aerospace and automotive industry. She has also undertaken a business development role for the London Stock Exchange.

Sam’s practical experience is complemented by her academic links to a number of UK institutions. She frequently delivers lectures, seminars and master classes for courses accredited by the professional bodies including ICAEW, ACCA and CIMA, both in the UK and overseas. Courses include Strategy, Governance, Risk and Ethics. She is a Fellow of the ACCA and a member of the IOD. In addition, she has delivered specialist courses at Masters’ Level for a number of UK universities and has delivered governance and leadership courses in Moscow, Dubai, Croatia, Kiev, Calcutta and Uganda. Sam is a Past President of the ACCA’s West Midlands Members’ Network Panel and is a past recipient of the Guardian Newspaper Women in Management scholarship.

Sam is based in Birmingham and works across the UK and internationally.


Feedback from Sam’s workshops

  • ‘Brilliant!’
  • ‘A great overview of directors governance.’
  • ‘A thought-provoking day which started a bunch of interesting conversations whilst learning.’
  • ‘A must have for all companies / directors.’
  • ‘Excellent­­ – really engaged with attendees and tailored the course to our organisation.’
  • ‘Good introduction into being a director.’
  • ‘Provided clear and concise information and opportunity for reflection.’
  • ‘Good pace. Good conversations.’
  • ‘Very good.’
  • ‘Clear, concise and enlightening.’
  • ‘Encourages one to think in detail about the overall purpose and effectiveness of the board and how this can be best achieved.’
  • ‘Considered and thought-provoking.’
  • ‘Knowledgeable and skilled at delivering interesting content.’
  • ‘Covered a lot of areas I hadn’t even thought of.’
  • ‘Engaged, listened and took on board comments and the eccentricities of the organisation and its structure.’
  • ‘Comprehensive, interesting, informational / educational and thought-provoking day’s discussion providing many suggestions for how we can be a more effective board.’
  • ‘Excellent, knowledgeable. Right use of questions. Provides good guidance and fresh approach. Flexible and adaptable. Good communicator and has good insight.’
  • ‘Gave us a chance to talk about how we are doing things and identifying some actions we can take.’
  • ‘Knowledgeable and thought-provoking.’
  • ‘Good common / easy to understand first step in the role of a director – much food for thought, good seeds sown.’
  • ‘Good detailed overview of board and director accountabilities and ideal areas of focus.’
  • ‘Engaging, interesting and able to elicit views from attendees, even on sensitive issues.’
  • ‘Good introduction into being a director.’
  • ‘Held the attention of the group well. Knowledgeable.’
  • ‘I hadn’t expected the strategic insight. which I thought was excellent.’
  • ‘Very informative in lots of areas I’d not considered.’
  • ‘Knowledgeable from experience with insight and humour, the best combo!’
  • ‘Lovely open style of presenting and pulling out the salient discussion points.’
  • ‘A comprehensive overview of effective governance in a manner that encourages discussion.’
  • ‘Very friendly and knowledgeable about the subject topic.’
  • ‘Very knowledgeable and happy to offer examples and facilitate difficult discussions.’
  • ‘Excellent style and delivery with good interpersonal skills.’
  • ‘Good information and thought-provoking.’
  • ‘Very personable and good at getting board to share key shortfalls in knowledge and concerns.’
  • ‘Great overview of how to think about becoming an effective director. Good way to begin to think differently.’

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