Elizabeth Crosse

Elizabeth is a master coach, coaching practice supervisor and trainer/facilitator with 30 years practical experience in supporting the development of capability and realisation of potential. Her coaching style is influenced by her belief that in an ever-changing world, constant adaptation and self-reinvention are essential to cope with present complexity and an unknown future.

She is a role model for, and advocate of, lifelong learning as she transitioned from being a research scientist to senior organisational leader and subsequently successful entrepreneur. As a coach she works with business leaders and individuals who have an active agenda for change, who are seeking to develop and access their ‘inner wisdom’. She facilitates those individuals accessing the resilience and decision-making skills typical of people who make a difference. Her extensive professional training and professional qualifications enable her to work holistically, using intellectual rigour in a way that is both structured and flexible to responding to the specific requirements of individual clients.

Elizabeth’s way of working with clients reflects her curiosity for how we evolve and develop and deal with the process of ‘reinvention’ as we strive to be the best we can be. She creates the sense of connection that allows clients to discover the courage required to take a deep dive into their way of making sense of the world, to challenge themselves by developing and experimenting with new behaviours. She helps clients to be honest with themselves and discover the internal resources that enable the absorption of new learning into who and how we are and to make meaningful changes in their lives. Some of the outcomes are tangible, resulting in more effective leadership and better decision-making; others are less tangible but are often the things that clients comment upon, such as a greater sense of meaning, fulfilment, well-being, and a sense of purpose.


Elizabeth works mainly with senior leaders and exec team members. Her clients include multinational and government organisations, eg, staff at 10 Downing Street, London Business School, the NHS, Nomad Foods Europe, Coty, EUSA Pharma, Eurostar, BNP Paribas, PRS, Deutsche Bank, BIG Lottery Fund, Nestlé, ENWL, London Borough of Hackney, British Council, the Home Office, MoJ, Department of Health, DiFID, etc, as well as one-to-one working with private clients. Most of Elizabeth’s clients are UK-based, although she also works internationally in order to meet client’s requirements.

Training and qualifications

Elizabeth is one of the 1% of coaches globally to hold the International Coach Federation’s coveted Master Certified Coach credential. She was one of the first UK coaches to qualify as a coaching supervisor, with an Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Coaching Supervision, and as an ICF registered coach mentor. Her extensive training included developmental and wellbeing coaching. Holding BPS level A and B, she is qualified to use many popular psychometrics. Elizabeth has won numerous awards for academic excellence. She has obtained distinctions in three Master’s degrees including an MA in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes.


Elizabeth is based in London and works across the UK.

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