Cyrus Cooper

Cyrus (Managing Director of Maximum Performance) is an exceptional international trainer, facilitator and coach. Cyrus has been working in developing the identity and purpose of Boards for over 10 years. He has worked with many organisations at Board level to support them in understanding their impact on the rest of the organisation as a group, as well as their own personal emotional intelligence.

He has also worked alongside Boards to support them in implementing and communicating their strategy in a way that is aligned to their own values and culture.

He spends his time working with a Board to initially understand what their purpose is and how that purpose is defined and delivered. He finds it very interesting that even at this first stage, not every Board is aligned in its understanding of its purpose. Depending on the outcome, he can work with Boards to create their own identity and find out how they are perceived by the rest of the organisation. He works with groups, and also supplements this approach with 1:1 coaching to support the individuals.

Cyrus has helped organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors to improve their performance through a range of interventions covering leadership challenges, motivational management and corporate and executive 1:1 coaching.

Cyrus is enthusiastic and practical in his approach, with tools and methodologies explained clearly. His strong facilitation skills and focus on his audience create a powerful learning experience. This comes through very clearly in his book, Brilliant Workshops, published by Pearson Education. His academic and professional qualifications include: a Master’s Degree in Management Practice; Diplomas in Executive and Corporate Coaching, Business Coaching, and Business Excellence (EFQM); and accreditations to use MBTI, SDI, Facet5, DiSC, NeuroView 360 and the Hay Group’s Emotional and Competency Inventory (ESCI).


See what people have said about Cyrus’s interventions:

  • ‘An eye-opening experience – helps to see what type of personality you have and the skills that you can use from your strengths to be a good leader. Cyrus is great at engaging you and keeping focus.’
  • ‘One of the best interventions I have attended. Helped me understand the person I am and the type of leader I want to be.’
  • ‘Shows what kind of person I am, strengths / weaknesses, live examples / toolkits that apply to real life work situations.’
  • ‘Training interventions can be dry and boring, regardless of the content, if not delivered with enthusiasm – Cyrus has it by the bucketload!’

Cyrus is based in London / Hertfordshire and works across the country and, indeed, internationally.

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